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Open Device Lab @ Penn State

Welcome to the ODL at The Pennsylvania State University.

IST Building at Penn State.


What is an "Open Device Lab"? The fragmentation of operating systems and Web browsers and versions as well as the diversity of internet-enabled devices makes it impossible for the vast majority of developers to personally own a representative pool of test devices. Nevertheless, quality assurance across real devices is a must to ensure a pleasant user experience, accessibility standards, sufficient stability and security.

Open Device Labs are a grass roots community movement. They establish shared community libraries or pools of internet connected devices for testing and analysis purposes for Web and app developers. In result, ODLs lead to an ultimate improvement of the Web and app experience both for developers and for consumers.

Travel the ODL globe! and view ODL@PSU on the world network map along with 80+ ODLs in 23 countries.

The Penn State Open Device Lab hosted by the College of IST is here to serve these main goals:

Do something significant: Donate your old devices today to an open device lab. It's safe, quick, and easy.
  • Help local students, staff, faculty at Penn State as well as the surrounding (Web) community to test across a range of contemporary devices, operating systems, browsers, and versions to help improve the Web for all users
  • Act as a hands-on educational resource for students across, but not limited to:
    • IST
    • Computer Science
    • Engineering
    • Arts & Architecture
    • Communication
  • Contribute to a Sustainable Web Ecosystem
  • Promote healthy green practices by keeping devices out of landfills
  • Explain and promote the Open Device Lab movement - and to help ODLs to become more visible
  • Attract Contributors and Sponsors to help and donate to ODLs

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